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Assembly Version Information: Assembly Version: Win32 Version: CodeBase: file:///C:/Program%20Files/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.Net.Framework.4.6.AssemblyLocation/Runtime/cwcolors.dll Producer:.NET Runtime Version: Runtime Version: A: According to the below sites (1, 2) you need to download the latest version of the.NET Framework. The old version of Windows SDK is now supported on only Windows 10 (2017) and higher. After reading this article I was finally able to fix this problem. This link helped me through. In my case (actually on Mac) I went to "macOS update" and got the update for the.NET Framework. After restarting my PC I had to update the extension services and web services. , some of these materials are useful, others are not. Additionally, its usefulness may depend on its degradation rate and surface area. The effectiveness of any treatment, with respect to toxic ions removal, depends on the following factors: Efficiency of the treatment medium to remove toxic ions Empirical equation used to predict the treatment efficiency of an ion Reactor design and geometry Timing and duration of the treatment Interferences with the medium Mass transfer and retardation factors for the ions For removing toxic metals from contaminated water, the most commonly used materials include: Activated carbon Separation membranes Ion exchange materials Adsorbent in many forms including granules, beads and pellets Magnetic materials Nanotechnology based materials Magnetic flocculant Recent developments Recent developments in the area of ion exchange technology have included: Nucleic acid based sorbents - In response to the growing environmental concerns surrounding the use of certain organic ion exchange resins, nucleic acid based sorbents are being developed and successfully tested. Nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA are being used as alternatives to naturally occurring carbohydrates and amino acids used in ion exchange resins. These materials have been shown to be even more effective than traditional res




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